Gaskets and Tubing in Home Appliances

Our portfolio of products is used in a wide variety of consumer goods and home appliances. Momentive’s silicone products can provide heat resistance, flame retardancy and moisture/dirt protection, making them excellent choices to consider for a variety of sealing, bonding and insulating applications.

Typical applications include, but are not limited to:

• Infant care products

• Bakeware

• Kitchen utensils

• Gasketing

• Advanced aesthetics

• Seals

• Tubes

• Emblems

• Membranes

For molded articles, The Tufel II 94000 elastomer series is offered with a platinum catalyst optimized for injection and compression molding processes.

Tufel III 92506 elastomer can allow extruded and calendared parts to be produced with excellent permanent set resistance, and can be considered for applications such as peristaltic pump tubing, gaskets and seals.

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