At Momentive we understand that softness comes in many different forms. Regardless of the desired level of softness, our chemists have delivered innovative and powerful softening agents based on our patented linear [AB]n silicone copolymer technology. Whether the desired consumer-recognized effect is a voluminous and bulky feel, smooth drape or silky softness, we have a softening agent suited to the specific outcome. Processing also benefits from our softeners, which are water-dispersible or dilutable and offer shear and alkaline stability even at low use levels.

One factor that makes our advanced softening agents effective at low use levels is their linear molecular structure, which improves surface coverage and penetration. The molecules also feature amino or quat functionality - which allows us to tailor surface affinity, bulky touch and antistatic properties in each softener grade - and polyether blocks, which affect antistatic properties as well as hydrophilicity. Of course, the siloxane backbone of these molecules provides the slickness, smoothness and soft hand feel for which silicone-based softeners are known.

Our NuWet* brand finishes for nonwovens and our renowned Magnasoft* textile enhancers span the breadth of our softening capabilities and offer a full array of soft textile effects as well as cost efficiency, processing ease and additional value-adding benefits such as tear resistance and durability.

In addition to softeners, Momentive has an extensive portfolio of products developed for all aspects of the textile and leather industries.

* NuWet and Magnasoft are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Baysilone* DHS TP-3877 Polymer

Baysilone* DHS TP-3877 textile softener is similar to Magnasoft* SilQ and offers a hydrophilic, dry handfeel. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH502-3% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone OF-OH502 3% polyurethane resin modifier typically provides a less sticky, more comfortable feel to artifical leather, and creates a coating with superior durability and weather resistance. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH502-6% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone OF-OH502 6% polyurethane resin modifier is a low-molecular-weight polyurethane resin modifier that may offer a less sticky, more comfortable feel to polyurethane leather. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH702-4% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone* OF-OH702-4% polyurethane resin modifier may offer a less sticky, more comfortable feel to polyurethane leather and create a coating with superior durability and weather resistance.

Magnasoft* 130LT Softener

Magnasoft* 130LT softener imparts a smooth, silky touch to treated fabrics without causing yellowing or other discoloration. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 2059 Textile Softener

Versatile, economical Magnasoft* 2059 textile softener adds a smooth, slick feel to mercerized cotton, wool and wool-blend knits. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 238 Textile Enhancer

Magnasoft* 238 textile enhancer is water-dispersible and may provide a soft, slick feel to treated garments while minimizing yellowing and improving shear stability. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 305 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 305 textile softener is a linear, aminofunctional silicone polymer that works to improve softness while enhancing the physical properties of fabrics. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 310 Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 310 textile softener is versatile, easy to use and may significantly soften treated fabrics as well as impart good stretch recovery. Learn more.

Magnasoft* 588TX Textile Softener

Magnasoft* 588TX textile softener can give fabrics a voluminous, soft touch and allow fabrics to quickly absorb water and perspiration without risk of discoloration. Learn more.

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