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Achieving the right appearance, durability and surface properties for many end products requires precise material science – and the right modifiers. Momentive offers a full range of specialized silicone-based modifiers that may enhance material properties and can help to streamline processing. Our modifiers can potentially improve the impact resistance of adhesives and the abrasion resistance and cold temperature properties of elastomers. They can give sealants better elongation capabilities and may provide improved UV resistance. In some applications, our modifiers may even help to enhance the surface leveling and anti-graffiti capabilities of coatings.

For industries ranging from building and construction to industrial production and automotive, our solutions may enhance physical material properties and help to potentially eliminate a number of manufacturing issues. 

Our silicone modifiers are used to modify a variety of bulk silicone properties, including heat, chemical and impact resistance, flexibility, and water repellency. These modifications, and others, may help address a wide array of challenges, including processing, stabilizing, coating, curing and lubricity. They can help our customers produce better goods, reduce production problems, improve cost efficiencies and even lessen their impact on the environment.

Discover how Momentive's modifiers can enhance properties and processing for a wide array of applications.

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Baysilone* OF-OH502-3% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone OF-OH502 3% polyurethane resin modifier typically provides a less sticky, more comfortable feel to artifical leather, and creates a coating with superior durability and weather resistance. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH502-6% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone OF-OH502 6% polyurethane resin modifier is a low-molecular-weight polyurethane resin modifier that may offer a less sticky, more comfortable feel to polyurethane leather. Learn more.

Baysilone* OF-OH702-4% Polyurethane Resin Modifier

Baysilone* OF-OH702-4% polyurethane resin modifier may offer a less sticky, more comfortable feel to polyurethane leather and create a coating with superior durability and weather resistance.

Baysilone* OF-TP3233

Baysilone OF TP 3233 is a 100% active polyorganosiloxane composed of polyether and polysiloxane components. It is solvent-free, exhibits an ammonia- like odour, and is ...

Baysilone* OF-TP3309

Baysilone OF TP 3309 is a 100% active branched aminofunctional polyorganosiloxane containing ethoxy groups. It is solvent-free, with ammonia-like odour. The product is recommended for ...

CoatOSil* 7001 Copolymer

CoatOSil* 7001 copolymer improves the clarity of final film and film coalescence, as well as flow and leveling characteristics. Learn more today.

TSF*437 Silicone Fluid

TSE 437 silicone fluid additive can help improve heat resistance, lubrication, flame retardancy and release performance in synthetic resins. Learn More.

TSR9300 Silicone Resin

TSR9300 silicone resin can enable the production of plastic parts that diffuse light. Learn more.

TSR9500 Silicone Resin

TSR9500 silicone resin can maintain heat stability during the plastic extrusion process. Learn more.

XF42-334 Release Agent

XF42-334 release agent may be used as a foundry release material, typically for aluminum die casting. Learn more.

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