In the silicone boots of the first astronaut to walk on the moon. On every manned space flight since. In applications throughout the aerospace industry. Momentive has been there to provide new technologies.

Today, we continue to work closely with our customers and partners to create aerospace solutions that meet the demands of the present and create possibilities for the future:

  • Proven corrosion and thermal protection on launch pad structures.
  • Protection of electronic components from dust, moisture, etc. 
  • Sealing navigation system enclosures to prevent fogging
  • Hardened encapsulants for electronics
  • Thermal insulation and thermal protection for crew capsules & rocket launch systems 

Leveraging our successful development of silicone products for spacecraft and satellite  solar arrays, Momentive has created the SilTRUST* family of silicone products for terrestrial solar applications. This full line of encapsulants, adhesives, sealants and potting materials is engineered to endure the harsh environments in which solar panels operate, while generally improving the light-to-electricity conversion yield.

In addition, SilTRUST products provide greater general stress resistance, weatherability, corrosion protection, a longer life-span and higher efficiency for crystalline silicone photovoltaic modules that may potentially lead to a better return on investment and lower production costs for solar energy products.

From resistance to extreme temperatures, friction, abrasion and stress, to protection from corrosives, water, oils and salts, our solutions offer our customers the reliability and design flexibility they need to keep moving ahead. Discover products that provide flexibility, long-term reliability and the ability to protect both passengers and equipment.

*SilTRUST is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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Low Outgassing Materials

Momentive has formulated specialty RTV grades to reduce outgassing substantially when used under extreme conditions, e.g., high temperature and vacuum.

Thermal Protection Systems

With our long history in Aerospace, Momentive’s RTV silicones are an excellent choice for many applications.

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Momentive Silopren* Self-Bonding Silicones For Medical Devices
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*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.