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Encapsulants, Gels and Potting


Starting with silicone as a base material, Momentive has engineered a diverse line of gels and encapsulants that support applications ranging from the most delicate electronics to the most sensitive personal care products. For industrial applications, they reliably dissipate heat from fragile components, while securing them from vibratory stresses and defending against moisture and chemical penetration. For personal care applications, we offer a unique gel additive that can enhance the aesthetic, sensory and performance characteristics of skin and hair care products.

Momentive's industrial gels and encapsulants offer higher performance, increased miniaturization and long-term dependability for potting, bonding and sealing applications designed to protect, isolate and embed delicate electronic circuitry. Our SilCool*, InvisiSil*, Silopren* and SilTRUST* gels and encapsulants, as well as our room temperature vulcanization (RTV) sealants, protect fragile components against mechanical and thermal shock. The products offer a range of benefits, including: fast room temperature cure, electrical stability, stress relief, thermal dissipation and high electro-conductivity in adhesives.

Momentive helps foster scientific advances in numerous manufacturing sectors, including the automotive, display, appliance, lighting, power, gaming and packaging industries. Another example is the solar industry, where Momentive's SilTRUST E110 encapsulant can enable new cell and module technologies that are incompatible with more traditional encapsulation materials.

In the personal care industry, our unique Velvesil* gel additives may provide enhanced sensory benefits for a wide variety of skin care, color cosmetic and hair care formulations. For example, Velvesil DM gel additive is a creamy, transparent gel that typically spreads easily on the skin, making it an excellent candidate for anti-aging, sunscreen and moisturizer products. When formulated into hair care products, it leaves hair with an exquisite, long-lasting silky feel. In addition, our Velvesil Mul-T gel additive can be formulated into creams, foundations, concealers and makeup to deliver a luxurious feel, enhance natural coverage and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Discover how Momentive's gels and encapsulants can enhance performance for a range of applications.

*SilCool, InvisiSil, Silopren, SilTRUST and Velvesil are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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InvisiSil IVS9520 Transparent Silicone

Learn more about InvisiSil IVS9520 transparent silicone rubber, an excellent surface mount & silicone adhesive, also providing UV and temperature stability

InvisiSil* AM2211 OLED Silicone Encapsulant

Learn more about our InvisiSil™ AM2211 OLED encapsulant is a high purity and low-volatile-outgas silicone material that requires only mild thermal cure.

InvisiSil* AM4911 OLED Encapsulant

InvisiSil™ AM4911 | OLED Encapsulant | Momentive.com™ Learn more about InvisSil* AM4911 OLED encapsulant, a high-purity silicone material that is used to prevent overflow during screen printing and dispensing.

InvisiSil* IVSD3208

InvisiSil IVSD3208 dam material is an excellent candidate for forming the dam shape in multi-array LED modules. Learn More.

Silsoft* EAU Microgel

Silsoft EAU microgel can help deliver a wide range of textural effects and a refreshing, light, water-like feel to body lotions, creams and butters, foundations, moisturizers, serums and sunscreens. Learn more.

TSE3453 High-Strength Silicone Rubber

Learn more about Momentive’s TSE3453, a high performance silicone rubber and its use in in applications that range from automotive lamp housings to home appliances to mobile phones.

TSE3458T High-Strength Silicone Rubber

Learn more about Momentive’s TSE3458T, high-strength silicone rubber and opportunities for its use in mold-making applications where mold parts have significant taper and undercut.

TSE3478T High-Strength Silicone Rubber

With excellent potential for mold-making applications, TSE3478T high-strength silicone rubber is durable and developed for long-term use. Learn more.

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