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Excessive foam presents serious problems for processing, packaging and transporting goods. Too much foam can reduce equipment capacity, increase manufacturing times and expenses, diminish product quality, and impact safety. Momentive’s silicone-based antifoam and defoaming agents can help to take foam out of the picture, by knocking it down quickly and, more importantly, by keeping it down over time. This long-term durability helps provide more effective foam control and minimizes the reapplication of antifoams, potentially saving processing time and money.

Foam forms when a gas is dispersed and stabilized in a liquid. The resulting mass of bubbles can continue to grow rapidly if left untreated. Momentive's silicone antifoam agents can act quickly to knock down existing foam by bridging the high-strength foam film and causing it to rupture. The low surface tension of the antifoam droplets enables the silicone to persistently flow into adjacent foam films and continue breaking them down for repeated antifoaming action - and longer intervals between antifoam replenishment.

Foam typically occurs in blending, mixing, distillation, fermentation, filtration and filling processes. While mechanical processes can control foaming, chemical agents can be more versatile, effective and economical. Our antifoam solutions may offer the advantages of dispersing readily, leaving no substantial residue or odor, and meeting relevant regulatory requirements. 

Momentive's extensive portfolio of silicone-based antifoam agents, including our SAG* and Silwet* antifoam agent brands, help minimize foaming issues for many industries. Our products support foam mitigation for applications in the food and beverage, chemical, plastics, pulp and paper, water treatment, coatings, oil and gas, metalworking, construction, and mining industries.

Discover how Momentive's antifoam agents may offer versatile, effective and economical solutions for foam control.

* SAG and Silwet are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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AF9000 NE Silicone Antifoam

AF9000 NE silicone antifoam can help provide foam control in many industrial applications, from chemical processing to food processing. Learn more today.

AMP™-14 Silicone Antifoam Compound

AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound is an easily emulsified gel that provides improved foam control in pulp mills and other applications. Learn More today.

Antifoam OR-10 Emulsion

10% actives, OMRI listed food-grade silicone antifoam emulsion with excellent defoaming properties

Antifoam OR-90 Compound

100% actives, OMRI listed food grade silicone antifoam for fermentation and high alkaline formulations

Baysilone™ OF-TP3309

Baysilone OF TP 3309 is a 100% active branched aminofunctional polyorganosiloxane containing ethoxy groups. It is solvent-free, with ammonia-like odour. The product is recommended for ...

FF160 Foam Control Agent

Learn more about FF160 foam control agent, a 100% active silicone polymer that provides significant performance in non-aqueous foam systems.

FF170 Foam Control Agent

FF170 foam control agent is an active polymer modified with fluoro-containing groups that may provide performance in non-aqueous foam systems. Learn more today.

FF190 Foam Control Agent

FF190 foam control agent offers outstanding foam control in a variety of difficult non-aqueous systems.

Indusil AF910 Silicone

Indusil AF910 silicone is used to control foam by pre-adding it to the formulation.

SAG 10, SAG 10E Silicone Antifoam Emulsions

SAG 10, SAG 10E silicone antifoam emulsions are excellent candidates to consider for foam control in aqueous systems.

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