Baysilone* OF-TP3309

Baysilone OF TP 3309 is a 100% active branched aminofunctional polyorganosiloxane containing ethoxy groups. It is solvent-free, with ammonia-like odour. The product is recommended for use as a base fluid for emulsions which are used in the textile industry to improve handle and elastic recovery; for the improvement of the water-repellent treatment of leather; for the manufacture of detergent-resistant polishes; and as an ingredient of wash-and-wax shampoos for coated surfaces. As the textile industry almost exclusively employs aqueous application techniques, Baysilone OF TP 3309, a water insoluble material, must first be emulsified. The emulsified fluid may be added to other textile finishing agents as required and diluted as necessary. It can also be sprayed or applied through dipping both as an emulsion and when dissolved in organic solvents. The concentration must be determined by previous tests.


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