Health Care

Finely tuned formulations are nowhere more important than in healthcare & medical device applications. Momentive silicone elastomers can meet healthcare’s rigorous challenges. We help medical manufacturers produce strong yet comfortable orthopedic devices, optically transparent yet flexible medical tubing, sterilization-tolerant yet durable dental and surgical devices. From ease of processability in manufacturing to enhanced comfort when in contact with the human body, Momentive healthcare silicones can meet the exacting demands of the healthcare & medical device industry. Our decades of biomedical collaboration have led to a range of products that have made new equipment possible and standard equipment work better. Our breadth of experience ensures that wherever there is a need, we’ll have the industry knowledge and expertise to help our customers meet it.

Our products include: 

  • Liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) that offer high tear strength, a broad range of durometers, and can be easily processed in high speed injection molding equipment
  • Silicone rubber compounds that provide excellent transparency while remaining flexible, coupled with high thermal and chemical stability
  • Customized silicone formulations including antimicrobial elastomers and radio-opaque materials to enable x-ray detection
  • Specialty silicone elastomers, including ultra -clear liquid silicone rubbers with glass like transparency, UV curable silicone elastomers that can eliminate the need for high temperature processing, self-lubricating LSRS, and fiber reinforced LSRs.

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(Bio) Pharmaceutical Production

We provide a wide range of Class VI compliant silicone materials that are used in (Bio)Pharmaceutical Production, Clinical Diagnostics, and Labware.

Catheters and Drainage

We provide a wide range of soft and flexible silicone materials that are used in Catheters, Drainage & Suction Devices.

Contact Lenses

We provide tailored high quality silicone materials to support our customers’ contact lenses needs.

Fluid and Drug Delivery Devices

We provide a wide range of silicone materials which meet USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 biocompatiblity standards for fluid & drug delivery devices.

Respiratory and Anesthesia

We provide a wide range of silicone materials that are used in respiratory care and anesthesia products.

Surgical Devices and Sterilization

We provide a wide range of silicone materials that are used in Surgical Devices and Sterilization.

Wearable Electronics/Devices

We provide a wide range of biocompatible silicone materials that are used in wearable electronics.

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