What We Offer


We strive for a culture that values and empowers each individual. Why? Because we believe that individual contribution within our collaborative environment generates the greatest progress for us as a whole.

What are your career passions? What skills do you want to develop? Dream big, because Momentive is cultivating the kind of open, accessible, diverse and enriching environment that will empower your career pursuits.



We can draw upon our global footprint, offering broad market ranges, diverse cultures and global teams to support our employees. Yet within each working group, you will also enjoy visibility and access to senior leaders; and open doors for opportunities to take on new and different work.



In fact, we encourage our team members to think boldly and try new ideas. We hire innovators, visionaries, and customer-first collaborators, so we want your creativity to flow. The diversity of our products and applications means open opportunities to help custom-design your career path.



Our open, creative and diverse endeavors support an abundance of opportunities for personal and career enrichment. Flexibility, diverse career paths, and challenging work assignments enable Momentive team members to realize their potential.



We recognize there is nothing more important each day than to ensure everyone gets home safely to his or her loved ones.  That is why safety is a value, not just a priority. Safety is entrenched in everything we do, and we extend this value to our communities and our environment.

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