Undergraduate & Graduate Opportunities

Momentive Undergraduate & Graduate Opportunities

We recognize the value students and new college graduates bring to Momentive and strive to continue offering challenging and meaningful opportunities for growth and development in return. Below are some of the regional programs Momentive offers for current students and new graduates of university programs. For more information about current opportunities, please visit our careers page.


North & South America Co-op/Internship Programs

Technical/Corporate Internship Programs

Our technical internship opportunities are in Engineering and Research & Development. Students are able to gain invaluable hands on experience in manufacturing and lab environments. Interns are assigned a mentor who can provide guidance as needed on assigned projects. Momentive interns work on real projects that are addressing business needs and impact our future.

For our corporate business functions, we offer a summer assignment to give students the experience they need. Corporate internships are available in the following business functions: accounting & finance, environmental health & safety, continuous improvement, information technology, supply chain, marketing and human resources.

Co-op Program

At Momentive, a co-op is given assignments that provide valuable hands-on experience within their field of study, usually as part of a course program. Our co-ops work full-time during a single term, and may be brought back for future co-op assignments (depending on availability). 

Availability of co-op assignments can vary by location. Please review our openings to see if we have an assignment available in the location(s) that you are interested!


Asia Pacific University Recruiting Programs

Nantong Operational Management Trainee Program (OMT)

Developing future leaders is of critical importance, and we are pleased to offer a training program for new graduates at our Nantong, China location. The Operation Management Trainee Program (OMT) accelerates the learning and experience of excellent new graduates with a technical science background, through a structured training program that combines job assignments and interactive seminars. This two-year program consists of 2-3 rotations across multiple functions.

South East Asia (SEA) Internships

SEA internship opportunities focus in business and manufacturing functions. An intern is able to gain real world experience in his/her area of study: engineering, accounting & finance, environmental health & safety, continuous improvement, information technology, supply chain, marketing and human resources. Interns receive a mentor who can provide guidance as needed on assigned projects that address business needs and affect our future.

If students are interested in learning more about internship opportunities in SEA, please contact us or ask your University to contact us for more information.

Japan New Graduate Opportunities

Momentive Japan offers an opportunity for fresh graduates who would like to start their careers as an Engineer or Chemist with one of the leading multinational chemical companies. We provide an extensive on-boarding program at the beginning of the assignment to support and assist the graduate in this transition. The new graduates can apply and complete the interview process before the year of graduation.

Check the job opportunities for new graduates on our Momentive.com Careers Page.


Europe Recruiting Programs


Momentive Europe offers apprenticeships in certain job functions like Manufacturing, Research & Development or Business Administration. Apprentices learn the necessary skills on the job and in school to be educated in a certain job profile e.g. operator, lab technician; however, there are opportunities in Business Administration as well. During an apprenticeship, you will receive on the job training in your field, as well as some vocational training.

To learn more about apprenticeship opportunities, please contact your local Momentive facility and regularly review our job postings specific to apprenticeships.



A Momentive Europe Internship is an assignment that provides students valuable hands-on experience within their field of study, usually as part of a university course program. The goal of an internship is to offer students an extensive look behind the scenes, to understand business processes and to extend theoretical knowledge by gaining practical experience. It will also allow students to get to know Momentive as a potential future employer. Our interns work full-time during a single term, typically a 6-month period.

Availability of intern assignments can vary by location, and may be available in several different functions (Technology, Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement, etc). For more information about internship availability, please contact your local Momentive facility.


Partnership with Soon-to-be Graduates to complete a Bachelor/Master’s Thesis Program

Momentive collaborates with soon-to-be graduates to assist in completion of their Bachelor/Master’s thesis. Students will develop a thesis topic and project outline with the help of the University and Momentive. Once approved, Momentive will assist the student as able by providing research guidance and/or expert input from our scientists.

If you are interested in a partnership such as this, please contact your local Momentive facility to inquire about potential opportunities. (Often interesting subjects for a Bachelor/Master’s thesis come up during university collaboration and cooperation with professors. We are delighted to offer respective opportunities.) 


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