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Packaging & Converting


“Control” may be the best way to summarize Momentive’s decades-long contributions to packaging and conversion technology – control not only over end-product properties, but also over processing and production efficiencies. This means control over static. Control over misting or foam in coating operations. Control over the thickness of a laminate. Control over when things adhere – and when they don’t. Our 75+ year knowledge base provides packagers and converters with an unparalleled depth of expertise. And the versatility of Momentive’s silicones provides a breadth of performance enhancements that may begin with raw-material additives and end with label adhesives.

Momentive silicones help packagers and converters deliver with:  

  • Silicone elastomers that typically optimize extrusion and molding operations for food and beverage packaging.  
  • Stabilizers and antistatic additives that can help aid polyurethane packaging production and performance.  
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives that can help enable tape and label makers to precisely engineer desired tack and peel properties into their products.  
  • Release coatings that can accommodate the full scope of substrates and curing systems used in tape, label and liner production.  
  • Antiblock additives that may minimize film-to-film coefficient of friction for improved production of films and coated or laminated products.

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover products that can endure the tests of time, pressure and temperature.

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CoatOSil * 1211C Coatings Additive

Learn more about CoatOSil* 1211 coatings additive, which helps enable wetting of waterborne systems on standard and hard-to-wet substrates.

CoatOSil* 7001E Copolymer

CoatOSil 7001E copolymer can enhance the appearance of solvent-borne coatings. Currently available in Europe. Learn more today.

CoatOSil* 7600 Coating Additive

Learn more about our CoatOSil 7600 coatings additive, a wetting agent or co-emulsifier in industrial and decorative water-based coatings.

CoatOSil* 7605 Coatings Additive

CoatOSil 7605 coatings additive can help advance flow and leveling in powder coating formulations. Learn more.

CoatOSil* 7608 Coatings Additive

As a trisiloxane, CoatOSil 7608 coatings additive can help provide low surface tension and promote a glossy, even finish. Learn more.

Niax* Blow Series Catalyst EF-708

Niax* catalyst EF-708 additive is a highly unique, liquid tertiary blow amine created to reduce and eliminate amine emissions in foam used for automotive interiors where it is essential to control interior fogging and emissions. Learn more.

Niax* Catalyst A-1

Niax* catalyst A-1 is a powerful additive that enhances the processing characteristics and physical properties of flexible foams and contains one of the most active urethane foam amine catalysts known. Learn more.

Niax* Catalyst A-107

Niax* catalyst A-107 can offer delayed action in the foaming process, allowing foam components to flow and completely fill the mold cavity and resulting in a better finished product. Learn more.

Niax* Catalyst A-30

Niax* catalyst A-30 additive is a liquid, water-soluble tertiary amine catalyst that promotes an effective reaction between water and isocyanate in the production of flexible polyester polyurethane foam. Learn more.

Niax* Catalyst A-300

Niax* catalyst A-300 features a unique delayed reaction in the gelation process during the production of molded polyurethane foams. Learn more.

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Momentive Silopren* Self-Bonding Silicones For Medical Devices
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