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Beauty and Personal Care


Get to know Momentive’s complete portfolio for Beauty and Personal Care, including legacy Basildon Chemical Co. Limited’s products by selecting a category on the left of this page (e.g.: Color Cosmetics), scroll to the bottom of the page and click “explore all products” to find our complete Beauty and Personal Care portfolio and associated documentation.

Before you scroll to the bottom to explore our products, we encourage you to take advantage of the comprehensive information on this page to learn about our Beauty and Personal Care solutions for a sustainable world.

Silkier lotions. More efficient shampoos and conditioners. Brighter, smoother, longer lasting cosmetics. Drier antiperspirants. More spreadable and effective sunscreens. Formulators in the personal care industry have long looked to Momentive for silicone ingredients to help them produce new products with benefits consumers can see and feel. And, we've put our more than 75 years of experience to good use creating a wide range of personal care solutions to do just that.


Consumers are working up a sweat when it comes to antiperspirants and deodorants. The days of these perspiration-busting products being purely utilitarian are gone. Both men and women are looking for deodorants that offer more skin-caring benefits. Our ingredients can help you produce underarm formulations that are easy to spread, moisturizing and feel smooth, dry and refreshing whether sprayed, rolled-on or applied in a different form. 



Male self care is no longer just about basic toiletries and shaving. Oily skin, acne or irritation now need to be met on a more gender-specific level with light, non-tacky formulations that also mask dark circles and minimize fine lines and wrinkles. And, for hair care, the modern man is moving beyond mere functionality to styling aids. Let our specialty ingredients help you create products that are easier to spread, offer interesting textures and leave hair and skin feeling its best.



Sometimes beauty is just on the surface: by forming a film on skin, your personal care product formulations can have real staying power—and less transfer. Optical and sensory enhancing additives can blur wrinkles and smooth the texture and appearance of skin—leaving a luxurious feel. Our ingredients can help you create a  lasting sensory experience to connect with consumers on a deeper level.



Creating a meaningful beauty experience is all about the feel. How does the product make you feel? How does it affect your mood? Along with this psychological reaction, consumers link texture and thickness to quality and performance. Our ingredients offer a wide variety of sensory experiences that put the “wow” right there on your fingertips from anti-aging effects to interesting textures and moisturization. Make prestige the new normal.



Consumers refuse to accept that hair can be damaged beyond repair. Fortunately, so do we. Healthy hair should be soft, full, strong and shiny, not heavy, greasy or brittle. Our multifunctional ingredients can help repair and restore while moisturizing each strand, leaving hair easier to comb, wet or dry. Having the hair we want can take its toll. Our ingredients can help you create shampoos, conditioners and hair care treatments that help replenish hair’s youthful characteristics.



Consumers have long been aware of the dangers of sun exposure. But now, more than ever, they are looking beyond those heavy creams and lotions slathered on to provide protection from the rays. Their attention is focused on products that play a variety of roles from anti-aging and skin conditioning to formulations that don’t transfer onto clothing. Our ingredients enable comfortable sun protection to be delivered from lotions, sprays and solid bars/sticks. 



To today’s consumers, sustainability matters just as much as performance. Create the next generation of effective beauty products for conscious consumers, with HARMONIE™ Derived Naturals by Momentive. From enabling new formulations to improving the composition of existing products, our derived natural ingredients can improve performance, efficiency, application and sensory appeal across a wide range of beauty industry categories.



Our personal care product line includes a wide range of ingredients to help provide:

  • Sensory enhancement for the “wow” feel to finished formulations for hair and skin
  • Conditioning, strengthening and repair for that silky, soft feel and healthy look to hair
  • Surface modification for transfer resistance, long wear with comfort, shine and protection for color cosmetics
  • Long lasting and comfortable wear benefits for sun care products
  • Illuminating benefits for a younger, more-natural appearance that hides wrinkles and makes pores less noticeable in skin care and color cosmetics products
  • Consistent spreading and wetting for improved dispersion of pigments and spreading of active ingredients and organic oils

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