Beauty and Personal Care

Silkier lotions. More efficient shampoos and conditioners. Brighter, smoother, longer lasting cosmetics. Drier antiperspirants. More spreadable and effective sunscreens. Formulators in the personal care industry have long looked to Momentive for ingredients to help them produce new products with benefits consumers can see and feel. And, we've put our more than 75 years of experience to good use creating a wide range of solutions that do just that.

Our personal care product line includes a wide range of ingredients to help provide:

  • Sensory enhancement for the “wow” feel to finished formulations for hair and skin
  • Conditioning, strengthening, and repair for that silky, soft feel and healthy look to hair
  • Surface modification for transfer resistance, long wear with comfort, shine, and protection for color cosmetics
  • Long lasting and comfortable wear benefits for sun care products
  • Illuminating benefits for a younger, more-natural appearance that hides wrinkles and makes pores less noticeable in skin care and color cosmetics products
  • Consistent spreading and wetting for improved dispersion of pigments and spreading of active ingredients and organic oils

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Color Cosmetics

Color cosmetics formulations typically require multifunctional ingredients that are highly flexible and provide oil and water transfer resistance for long lasting wear with an outstanding, comfortable feel.

Skin Care

Momentive’s line of silicone gels, microspheres, and boron nitride powders for skin care offers an array of desirable sensory benefits to formulators.

Hair Care

With our line of specialty silicone ingredients for hair care, you can feel the difference while protecting and repairing hair from damage and delivering shine, volume, and manageability.

Sun Care

Momentive’s line of silicone specialty ingredients can allow formulators to create easy to spread, more effective sunscreen with a luxurious feel.

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