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At Momentive, we leverage our expertise to discover solutions that not only help solve problems for our automotive customers, but also create possibilities for them. Our products can help make cars lighter, stronger, safer, more durable and more efficient. Wherever the automotive industry is going next, we're here to help it get there. From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover the products that can give the automotive industry its edge.

Read more below about how Momentive's automotive solutions can drive your innovations forward.

Material Solutions for E-mobility & Electrification

As a new era of e-mobility emerges, it's accompanied by new manufacturing challenges that require new material solutions. Companies must innovate in order to meet these challenges. Momentive’s advanced material solutions play an essential role in the vehicles of today and tomorrow. From thermal management and battery solutions to cable and connector materials; from sensor coatings to adhesives and seals -- Momentive’s innovative silicones help shape the future of e-mobility and drive our new vehicles forward.

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Silicones for Automotive Electronics

The automotive electronics industry is undergoing a paradigm shift. Significant changes to the powertrain have become necessary to take the next big step in CO2 reduction. This can only be achieved by introducing new technologies and propulsion concepts. The migration from internal combustion engines to full electric vehicles (EVs) is progressing in steps; 48V electrical systems will pave the way for medium voltage HEVs (hybrid electric vehicles) and high voltage, full electric vehicles.

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Silicone Elastomers for Automotive

Our products are used in a wide variety of automotive applications. Momentive’s silicone products are easy to process and generally maintain their elastomeric properties in extreme hot and cold environments, offer excellent dielectric properties, resist weathering and offer low compression set.

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Automotive Specialty Applications

Engine noise and automotive component vibrations are not things you want to hear when you go for a ride in your vehicle. Having an elastomeric coating added to your components is an excellent way to reduce NVH – noise, vibration and harshness – as well as to provide resistance against underbody chips. Both SPUR+* 3030 prepolymer and CoatOSil* DRI waterborne silicone resin are excellent candidates for these applications.

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SilFORT* Hardcoats for Automotive

Momentive’s SilFORT* silicone hardcoats enable automobile manufacturers to select engineered plastics or metallic parts for use in a number of demanding applications. Products from our hardcoat portfolio are approved by several regulatory authorities, such as AMECA and ECE, and are specified for use by OEM’s globally.

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Coatings Additives

Our line of durable interior and exterior coatings offers flexibility, transparency and excellent thermal, chemical, solvent and abrasion resistance. Offered as well is a comprehensive portfolio of coatings additives that are excellent candidates for the enhancement of numerous automotive sealing applications.

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SilFORT* Anti-Fog Coatings

Water condensation on transparent surfaces of certain automotive applications can reduce night-time visibility, and therefore reduce road safety. For example, condensation on the inside of headlight lenses or driver assistance devices (ADAS) can limit their performance and cause dangerous situations for drivers.

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Polyurethane Additives for Automotive

With our Niax brand, Momentive Performance Materials offers leading-edge additives for the manufacture of Polyurethane Flexible Molded parts. A wide range of Niax products are available for automotive seating producers across different isocyanate technologies (TDI, MDI, TM).

Learn more about Polyurethane Additives for Automotive

Silane Coupling Agents for Tires

As rapidly evolving technology and increased global pressure to reduce fuel consumption and emissions impose new demands on tire development, we understand your need to manufacture an advanced product that can go the distance.

Learn more about Silane Coupling Agents for Tires


Products such asTSR9000 Silicone Resin and Tospearl* Silicone Beads can assist with light diffusion in electronic components. Their uniform particle size, thermal stability and low surface energy make them excellent candidates for flat panel displays and other electronics applications.

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Weatherstrip Coatings

With a thirty-year heritage of weatherstrip coatings experience, Momentive Performance Materials continues to help customers achieve outstanding performance with their automotive sealing systems. Our portfolio of silicone or polyurethane/silicone hybrid coatings offers excellent noise reduction, and abrasion and weathering resistance, on rubber profiles for doors, windows and sunroof seals on vehicles.

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Sound Dampening and Insulation

Sound dampening helps to eliminate unwanted noise from your vehicle, such as the engine & component vibration. Incorporating an additive such as PEarlene* silicone into your master batches can promote the reduction of unwanted noise and vibration from your automotive components, including automotive trim interiors.

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