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Automotive Silane Coupling Agents for Tires

Silane Coupling Agents for Tires

Leading edge additives for the manufacturing of high performance, sustainable tires.

As rapidly evolving technology and increased global pressure to reduce fuel consumption and tire related emissions impose new demands on tire development, we understand your need to manufacture an advanced product that can go the distance. We also know that making a better product often requires going beyond the standard approach. That’s why we combine expertise, vision and scientific data to offer you innovative solutions.

Advanced tire silanes NXTTM, NXT Z45 and NXT P97: the ingredients for success

In paving the way for the future, we strive to conceive solutions that assist in realizing high-quality products and enhanced manufacturing processes. With NXT, NXT Z45 and NXT P97 silanes, we offer a new level of support that can help you create tires that stand out in the showroom, and on the road. 

More sustainable tires; reduced tire related emissions

With fuel and tire-use related emission reduction targets being mandated worldwide, it is necessary to improve the wear and rolling resistance of tires in order to meet new standards. Incorporating Momentive’s advanced silanes into the tire tread can significantly improve rolling resistance ratings, as well as can reduce tire abrasion. As a result, automobiles can require less energy to move, and hence consume less fuel without compromising safety and at the same time move with reduced tire-use related emissions.

Further, Momentive's advanced silanes contain high levels of renewable carbon. As an example, NXT silane contains up to 82% carbon from bio-based feedstock.

Better wet traction

NXTTM, NXT Z45 and NXT P97 silanes enable the manufacture of tires with the reduced rolling resistance needed for increased fuel efficiency and better wear performance, while not impacting wet traction. This critical safety-related feature allows vehicles to stop faster and grip the road better, empowering you to further exceed consumer expectations.

Desirable testing results

NXT silanes offer design possibilities with key features and typical benefits that include:

  • Enhanced filler dispersion and reduced Payne Effect
  • Increased resilience
  • Lower tan δ values (50 °C to 60 °C)
  • Improved dynamic properties at low temperatures (-20 °C to +10 °C)

More efficient manufacturing, reduced tire manufacturing footprint

Where NXT Z45 and NXT P97 is our ultimate performance silane, NXTTM silane combines performance benefits with tire manufacturing process enhancement capabilities. Despite high silica loadings in combination with high surface area silicas and functionalized polymers, NXT silane promotes better dispersion and reduced compound viscosity for easier processing during compound mixing, milling and extrusion. This  enables numerous benefits, including: 

  • Fewer steps in the compound mixing process, reducing energy consumption
  • An increased tread extrusion rate and reduced rework
  • A smoother tire tread profile
  • A longer shelf life of silica compounds before re-milling is required


Momentive Tire Silanes contribute to improved tire circularity!

Momentive is proud to take responsibility being part of the automotive supply chain. We know we can have impact, although silanes are a relatively small tire additive. Especially during the tire-use phase, silane coupling chemistry can have a significant effect on tire rolling and abrasion resistance. But, with a high renewable carbon content, Momentive advanced silanes also help reducing the impact of raw material production on the tire footprint. Lastly, NXT silanes excellent processing characteristics can reduce energy consumption and waste & rework during tire manufacturing. A small additive with potentially great impact!

tire life cycle

Momentive’s advanced NXTTM silane products

NXT silane is a thiocarboxylate functional silane that allows manufactures to develop tires with reduced rolling resistance while maintaining wet traction. This advanced silane also offers processing benefits for the tire manufacturer that lead to improved milling consistency, increased extrusion throughput, and less waste when compared to the use of standard sulfur silanes. It allows easier processing and enhance compound shelf stability when advanced functionalized polymers and high surface area fillers are used.

NXT Z 45 silane is an advanced silane that is virtually ethanol-free. This silane allows manufacturers to dramatically improve the dynamic and physical properties of tires, including an outstanding combination of rolling resistance, grip and wear resistance.

NXT P97 silane is the latest addition to our portfolio of advanced silanes. It is designed to maximize the rolling resistance and abrasion resistance performance of tires. This may help tire producers to reduce the environmental footprint of tires during the tire-use phase, as CO2 and tire wear particle emissions can be lowered.

Featured Products

NXT™ Z 45 Silane

NXT* Z 45 coupling agent may offer improved dynamic and physical properties in tire compounds, and virtual elimination of ethanol emissions. Learn more.

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NXT™ Silane

Providing options for enhanced tire performance and overall system cost efficiencies for tire manufacturers worldwide, NXT silane has a unique design that can enable reduced rolling resistance without ...

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NXT™ P97 Silane

NXT P97’s coupling chemistry may result in the best RR/wear resistance performance and with that, contribute to the lowest tire-use related emissions. Learn more.

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