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NXT* Silane

Enhances Performance, Minimizes Production Steps

Providing options for enhanced tire performance and overall system cost efficiencies for tire manufacturers worldwide, NXT silane has a unique design that can enable reduced rolling resistance without loss of wet traction, while promoting increased overall production efficiency for tire manufacturers. By combining silica compounds with NXT silane, tests have shown improved silica dispersion; easier mixing; and faster, more pliable processing. Compounds formulated with NXT silane have shown lower Payne effect, improved tan delta values, and better resilience properties. This silane may also be considered for use in tire tread compound manufacturing to enable the processing with high silica loading.

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NXT* Silane Marketing Bulletin

More About NXT* Silane

Typically compatible with high-surface-area silica as well as functionalized polymers for easy processing of high-performance compounds, NXT silane has also proven effective in green compounds, enhancing durability and stability over significant periods of time without reflocculation. NXT silane has demonstrated excellent dynamic properties at low temperatures - from -20 ° C to +10 ° C. In addition, it can be mixed in at temperatures as high as 170 ° C without scorching.  

NXT silane can be a cost-effective solution for manufacturers by minimizing the number and duration of non-productive mixing steps needed to achieve maximum silica dispersion.    

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

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