Water Repellents


In goods as diverse as textiles, building materials and home care products, excellent water repellence may be achieved due to the convergence of three key features of hydrophobic silicone formulations. First is the inherent presence of a hydrophobic functional group on the silicone molecule. Second is excellent wetting, which allows the silicone to penetrate the substrate and deliver the hydrophobic functional group deeply in or through the material. Third is the stability of silicones and their resistance to chemical, heat, ultraviolet or oxidative forces. Combine these features with the fact that silicones are highly gas permeable, and the result is a durable, yet breathable water-repellent end product. Momentive has taken advantage of this chemistry to offer our water-repellent silicones.

Momentive's water-repellent silicones allow textiles and leathers to feature both a soft feel and water repellency, and building materials to extend their useful lifetime in the face of weather and other detrimental water exposure.

Momentive scientists continue to build upon the already effective hydrophobic performance found in our brands that feature water-repellent grades, including Magnasoft,* Formasil* and Silquest* product lines. Our water-repellent silicone additives may help to enhance the penetration and duration of water repellency while maintaining or improving other consumer-recognized benefits in the goods they treat. For example, our Magnasoft NFR-A and B products may help textiles maintain their repellency to water, even after multiple home laundry cycles. 

Some offerings also produce superior water repellency without fluorine-based chemicals. They can replace regulated or banned water-repellent chemicals while maintaining very high standards of water repellency. 

Explore Momentive's water-repellent silicones engineered for your end products. 

* Magnasoft, Formasil and Silquest are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.