Surgical Devices and Sterilization

Soft-touch grip used on surgical and dental instruments, and mats and brackets used to hold instruments during sterilization processes, all need to be durable enough to withstand multiple sterilization cycles. Silicones for surgical devices have high thermal and chemical stability, which can help make this possible. Our Tufel* Series is an excellent candidate for applications where transparency and complex molding flexibility is required, and can easily be pigmented to achieve a variety of color effects. Our line of Silopren* liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) will typically cure rapidly by heating in standard injection molding equipment, and our self-bonding LSRs can be overmolded onto a variety of engineered thermoplastic and metal substrates often without the use of primers or secondary processes. Momentive’s ultra-clear liquid silicone rubbers for surgical devices can provide glass like transparency coupled with elastomeric functionality in light guides and endoscopic device components. Click on the links below to see one of our featured products, or explore all of our candidates for Surgical Devices and Sterilization equipment.

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