AF9000 NE Silicone Antifoam


AF9000 NE silicone antifoam can help provide maximum foam control in many types of industrial applications, from chemical processing to food processing. With advanced defoamer technology, the 100% silicone compound offers improved efficiency and longevity over other silicone antifoam compounds on the market.


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More About AF9000 NE Silicone Antifoam

The successor to the AF9000 antifoam, this compound has been improved to offer superior foam control over time in highly alkaline, highly acidic and neutral systems. Certified kosher and parve, AF9000 NE antifoam is compositionally compliant with several 21 CFR chapters as an indirect food additive.

This makes AF9000 NE silicone antifoam an excellent candidate to consider for use in a variety of chemical, petroleum and food processing applications. Chemical processors may benefit from AF9000 NE antifoam in a variety of applications including the manufacture of adhesives, inks, paints, insecticides, herbicides, wool fats and more. Gas scrubbing, propane de-asphalting and vacuum tower units are just a few of the petroleum processing applications that can benefit from AF9000 NE antifoam, while food processing applications may include corn oil manufacturing, deep-fat frying, esterification of vegetable oil and fermentation, among others.

AF9000 NE silicone antifoam has been found to be effective in most applications at a starting concentration of just 10 ppm silicone and can be used as a stand-alone antifoam agent or diluted in a solvent or foaming ingredient.

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