SAG* 471 Antifoam Concentrate

100% actives, antifoam silicone emulsion with excellent defoaming for fermentation

SAG 471 antifoam concentrate is an excellent candidate to consider for controlling foam during fermentation, specifically aerobic fermentations. It can help maximize fermentor capacities with its superior foam-control performance and excellent durability. SAG 471 antifoam concentrate typically maintains stability during sterilization with practically no loss in foam control. In addition, it self-disperses in water with virtually no deposits on dosing pipes and fermentor vessels, nearly eliminating cleaning costs. Effective even in low concentrations, SAG 471 antifoam concentrate can enable cost-efficient foam control.


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More About SAG* 471 Antifoam Concentrate

SAG 471 antifoam concentrate can help reduce fermentation processing costs by maintaining foam control with minimal impact on the overall yield. It typically requires dosage concentrations that are significantly lower than natural oils used to control foam with virtually no impact on the oxygen transfer rate in aerobic fermentations. The lower dosage also helps to ensure little to no interference in downstream separation. To assist dosage accuracy and easy handling, SAG 471 antifoam concentrate can be easily be diluted with water or polyols.

Following sterilization, SAG 471 antifoam concentrate usually suffers minimal loss in foam control, as well as little to no color change, odor formation, or solubility change.

SAG 471 antifoam concentrate is an excellent candidate to consider for a variety of fermentation applications, including bacterial and fungal fermentations, such as:

  • Xanthan gum production
  • Penicillin
  • Fungal Amylase
  • Cephalosporin C.
  • Rifamycin complex
  • Terramycin
  • Erythromycin

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