AMP*-14 Silicone Antifoam Compound


An easily emulsified gel, AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound is an excellent candidate to consider for controlling foam in pulp mills, and in a variety of other water and non-aqueous applications where exceptional durability is required. The outstanding durability of AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound is best seen in long term pulp mill trials when the antifoam has had the chance to take control of the line and show its full effect on both the washing line as well as the rest of the pulp mill. Mills using emulsions based on AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound have been able to reduce bleaching chemicals costs significantly as the washing line is more efficient.


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More About AMP*-14 Silicone Antifoam Compound

The dosage of the emulsion of AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound will depend on the foam tendency of the system and the level of foam control required. In typical pulp mill trials, the emulsion of AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound can be introduced over a period of time, typically 2-3 days, and then allowed to take control of the mill on its own. Typically, preferred dosage points are those with the highest amount of foam or at the entrance of the black liquor, as the emulsion tends to flow along with the black liquor. 

AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound can be emulsified using Momentive’s SPM silicone emulsifiers, which together can deliver an outstanding combination of durability and foam knockdown. It may also be easily emulsified using a Cowles high shear mixer. And, when properly prepared, emulsions of AMP-14 silicone antifoam compound can also be stable for up to a year in the original unopened package.


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