TUFEL* III 92506 Platinum Cure Extrusion Elastomer

Low Hysteresis, High Resilience

Tufel* III 92506 elastomer is a USP Class VI and ISO10993  biocompatible 50 durometer, Shore A platinum catalyzed silicone for use in extrusion processes, particularly for highly dynamic pumping applications.  Tufel III 92506 elastomer features low compression set and high resilience with no post bake required for most applications.   Tufel III 92506 elastomer enables the production of extruded and calendared parts with excellent permanent set resistance and can be considered for applications such as peristaltic pump tubing, gaskets and seals.



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More About TUFEL* III 92506 Platinum Cure Extrusion Elastomer

Tufel III 92506 elastomer is part of the Tufel family of platinum curable silicone rubber compounds.  Provided in a convenient 99:1 mix ratio of base to catalyst, Tufel III 92506 elastomer is a 50 durometer silicone offering low hysteresis and high bayshore resilience, which can lead to long service life of tubing and components used in highly mechanical applications.  Tufel III 92506 elastomer is an excellent material to consider for applications such as extruded tubing used in peristaltic pumps, and seals and gaskets where low compression set coupled with a platinum cure system is desired.


Key Features and Typical Benefits:

  • Biocompatible - tested to both USP Class VI and ISO10993 biocompatibility test standards
  • Excellent elastic memory
  • Low compression set
  • High resiliency
  • Low hysteresis
  • Broad processing window
  • Translucency
  • Non-blooming, totally peroxide free system formulated without peroxide
  • Low volatile base for minimized porosity and post cure

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