Home Appliance Electrical Components

Momentive’s dielectric potting and encapsulation materials are excellent candidates to consider for the protection of electronic components from moisture and harmful contaminants. These materials offer stress relief protection to circuits from thermal, vibration, and mechanical stress, and include one and two part products and specialized grades that can provide thermal conductivity and flame retardancy, while [emitting] [containing]  reduced volatile siloxane. 

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Air Conditioners

Outside Air Conditioning Units typically contain a main Printed Circuit Board and inverter Printed Circuit Board that are exposed to extreme operational conditions.  To help address these operating conditions, a conformal coating is applied for:

  • Moisture protection
  • Dust protection
  • Salty air protection
  • Mechanical protection (leaves, insects, lizards etc.)

Components on both inside and outside units are typically encapsulated to provide dielectric isolation and component physical rigidity.  A semi-flowable encapsulant / adhesive such as InvisiSil* AM2211 OLED encapsulant or InvisiSil* AM4911 OLED encapsulant can be considered for this purpose.

Momentive’s thermally conductive liquid dispensed silicone grease, gap fillers, adhesives and potting compounds are available in an array of performance and handling options for various thermal management needs in Air Conditioner and HVAC applications. Check out SnapSil TN3305 and SnapSil TN3405 encapsulants , which are both excellent candidates for such applications.


Washing Machines

The Printed Circuit Board on the control board and/or motor control unit is typically protected against moisture by use of a coating material.   Although a low cost PU material might be used to pot in large thicknesses, applying a thin layer of coating may provide the required level of protection at a reduced material weight and, in some cases, lower cost. Potting the rotor position sensor offers protection against water and foreign particles, and can help to ensure that each electrical component of your washing machine is protected from damaging moisture in the most cost effective way possible. 

Momentive’s ECC3011 and ECC3051S silicone conformal coating materials employ an innovative formulation that can help prevent the occurrence of corrosion on vital Printed Circuit Board  components and surfaces.


These new materials dispel the commonly held perception that silicones, due to their higher gas permeability, are at a disadvantage in corrosion prevention. In tests performed by Momentive in accordance with IEC standards, Momentive’s new silicone formulations out-performed a number of conformal coating materials currently used for corrosion prevention, including acrylics, polyurethane, polyolefin, and other non-Momentive silicone formulations.

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