Thermal Insulation for Home Appliances

Under the Niax brand , Momentive Performance Materials offers leading-edge additives for polyurethane foams that can help manufacturers  meet energy consumption and productivity targets in a wide range of appliance applications, including refrigerators and water-heaters. Niax silicone foam stabilizers are compatible with the use of a variety of blowing agents, including HC, HFC, HFO, as well as associated co-blown approaches that follow the latest industry requirements. Niax silicones can help  foams to form with very fine cells that uniformly fill complex cavities, imparting thermal insulation properties required to meet energy consumption targets. Niax catalysts and special additives can enable fast process times and excellent structural properties of foam-filled appliances.


North America Urethane Additives Guide   

European Urethane Additives Guide   

Asia Pacific Urethane Additive Guide

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