Niax* silicone L-6900


As a nonhydrolizable silicone copolymer, Niax silicone L-6900 copolymer is an excellent choice to consider as a resin-side foam stabilizer necessary in the manufacture of rigid polyurethane foams. Originally developed for water- and hydrocarbon-blown polyurethane foams, Niax silicone L-6900 copolymer may also be considered for use with many other blowing agents.


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More About Niax* silicone L-6900

The extremely fine, regular foam structure of Niax silicone L-6900 copolymer helps enable it to deliver exceptional performance and durability in thermal insulation. A versatile product, its myriad of typical benefits may be useful in a variety of applications, including refrigeration, lamination and pour-in-place foam applications with hydrocarbons and water co-blown systems. Niax silicone L-6900 copolymer also may be considered for HFC's third-generation blowing agents.

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