Niax* Silicone L-6988


Niax silicone L-6988 is an exceptionally efficient surfactant that is generally recommended for resin-side addition in the manufacture of rigid polyurethane foams. An excellent candidate to consider for hydrocarbon-blown foams, it is most notably utilized in refrigerators and cool-store applications. Main product advantages typically include extremely fine cells and good flow, which result in low thermal conductivity with cyclopentane, a mixture of cyclopentane and other hydrocarbons, HFCs, or HFOs.


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More About Niax* Silicone L-6988

One fundamental difference that generally makes Niax silicone L-6988 even more advantageous is that it offers a number of innovative solutions applicable across many industries. Its myriad benefits include manufacturing usage in refrigeration, water-heaters, commercial refrigerators, blocks and pour-in-place foam applications with hydrocarbons and water co-blown systems. In addition, the extremely fine foam structure of Niax silicone L-6988 effectively enables it to be a superior component that delivers exceptional performance and durability in thermal insulation.

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