Niax* Catalyst A-1


Containing one of the most active urethane foam amine catalysts currently used in the industry, Niax catalyst A-1 is a powerful additive that can enhance the processing characteristics and physical properties of flexible foams. The pure amine ether has been diluted with 30 weight percent dipropylene glycol to help facilitate metering and permit the use of conventional quantities in foam formulations.


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NIAX* Catalyst A-1 Marketing Bulletin

More About Niax* Catalyst A-1

With its ability to facilitate chemical reactions on its own or as part of an amine catalyst system, Niax catalyst A-1 is a potent urethane foam amine catalytic agent. It contains 70% bis (2-dimethylaminoethyl) ether, one of the most active catalysts currently used in the industry. Promoting the basic chemical reactions between polyol and isocyanate and water and isocyanate with efficiency, Niax catalyst A-1 can improve the polyether foaming process of high-density unfilled foam, filled foam, high load-bearing flexible foam, low-density foam and high-resilience molded foam.  

Compared to the next most active amine, a blend of triethylenediamine, Niax catalyst A-1 can enable a 10% higher specific rate constant in the chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate. Even more impressive, Niax catalyst A-1 can enable a specific rate constant that is 50% greater than triethylenediamine in the chemical reaction between water and isocyanate.  

The powerful effect Niax catalyst A-1 has on the reaction between water and isocyanate helps promote a controlled acceleration of the chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate through small variations in the stannous octoate level - an important feature in the production of commercial open-celled, split-free, flexible urethane foam.  

An important feature of Niax catalyst A-1 is the ability to adjust the levels used over a broad range to effectively control foam rise time - without sacrificing stannous octoate operating range.  

Potential applications for Niax catalyst A-1 include: 

  • high-density unfilled foam
  • filled foam
  • high-load-bearing flexible foam
  • low-density foam
  • high resilience molded foam  

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.  

*Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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