Protective Silicone Potting and Encapsulation Materials

Momentive Performance Materials provides leading-edge silicone technologies to help meet performance and productivity challenges in a wide range of automotive and electronic applications. Momentive’s dielectric potting and encapsulation materials are excellent candidates to consider to protect electronic components from moisture and harmful contaminants. These materials help provide stress relief protection to circuits from thermal, vibration, and mechanical stress. Momentive offers a range of materials including one and two part products and specialized grades that can provide thermal conductivity, flame retardancy, and low volatiles.

Protective Silicone Potting & Enacapsulation MaterialsProtective Silicone Potting & Encapsulation Materials

Key Features

  • Temperature resistance
  • Low modulus, good dampening properties
  • Low viscosity
  • Very fast cure
  • High dielectric strength
  • Self healing gels  

Typical Benefits

  • Thermal and mechanical stress protection 
  • Easily flows around components
  • Productivity, high outputs
  • Reliability

Potential Applications 

  • ECU potting 
  • Air flow mass meter
  • Sensor potting
  • LED encapsulants

Typical Physical Properties

(selected grades only; please contact us for material selection support)

Product  System (1)  Ratio (w/w) Cure Time   Color  Type Viscosity (Pa·s)  Feature
TSE3051  AC, 1K  n.a.  1 hr @ 150 °C  Clear  Gel  0.7  1 Part - Easy handling 
TSE3070  AC, 2K  1:1  0.5 hr @ 70 °C Clear  Gel  0.8  Excellent vibration damping 
TSE3032  AC, 2K  10:1  1 hr @ 100 °C  Clear  Rubber  Non bonding 
TSE3033  AC, 2K   1:1  30 min @ 150 °C  Clear  Rubber  Self bonding 
TSE3331K-EX  AC,2K  1:1  10 min @ 100 °C  Dark Grey  Rubber  UL94 - V0.  Thermal conductive 
TSE3251  AC, 1K  n.a.  1 hr @ 150 °C  White  Rubber  8.5   1K - Easy handling 
TSE3667  CC, 2K  100:8  24 hr @ RT  Dark Grey Rubber  3 Low temp adhesion, UL-94 V-0, good deep section cure
RTV11  CC, 2K  Variable  24 hr @ RT  White  Rubber  11  FDA compliant (2), deep section cure possible 
TSE3660  CC, 2K  100:8  24 hr @ RT  Light blue  Rubber  Low temp adhesion, good deep sectioncure, UL-94 HB 

(1) AC = Addition Cure, CC = Condensation Cure
(2) Compositionally compliant with the requirements of 21 CFR 177.2600 - Rubber articles intended for repeated use have been found, through testing of a representative sample, to meet the extractives limitations in 21 CFR 177.2600(e) and/or (f). It is the responsibility of the user to determine that the final product complies with the extractive limitations and other requirements of 21 CFR 177.2600 under their specific manufacturing procedures.
Typical properties are average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications.

Protective Silicone Potting & Enacapsulation MaterialsProtective Silicone Potting & Encapsulation Materials

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