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Eliminate Foam Faster and Keep It Away Longer

Traditionally, growers have had to rely on industrial defoamers that often require high dose rates and repeated applications to control foam. Momentive’s high-performance SAG* antifoams are designed to knock down foam fast and keep it controlled longer.  With unique technology developed specifically for Agriculture, SAG antifoams for Agriculture eliminate even the most persistent foam across a wide range of formulations.  One tank treatment with SAG antifoam provides long-lasting foam suppression—helping formulators improve productivity, and allowing growers more time to spray with less hassle from foam. 

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  • Fast knock-down and superior defoaming on a wider range of formulations 
  • Durable, long lasting foam control from one treatment
  • High dispersability 
  • Treats more tanks per bottle than conventional defoamers
  • Compatible with both water-and oil-based formulations 
  • REACH compliant and EPA inert tolerance antifoams
  • Wide range of application formats 

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