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Multifunctional Spreaders and Penetrants



Advanced Technology for Varying Spray Conditions

Momentive’s Silwet* multifunctional spreaders and penetrants maintain superior spreading and penetration while providing additional benefits that help growers solve unique challenges from varying weather or spray conditions.

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Our product line includes:

  • Low drift spreaders and penetrants that minimize waste and risk to surrounding crops
  • Low foam spreaders and penetrants that help save time and increase application efficiency
  • Durable, film-forming spreaders that provide rainfast coverage when stomatal infiltration is not desired
  • Water conditioning spreaders and penetrants
Case Studies
Products Active Ingredients Crops/Weeds Location
Silwet* STIK 2 Diazinon  Pineapples  Costa Rica



† Plant penetration and speed to rainfast can be controlled and are dependent on many factors, including plant species, conditions, equipment and concentrations applied.

*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.