Silwet* DRS-60 Spreader-Wetter


Silwet DRS-60 spreader-wetter can be a very effective tank-mix additive, offering both drift control and wetting performance in one product. With as much as 50% lower spray drift in many applications, Silwet DRS-60 spreader-wetter can provide drift control similar to many commercial antidrift polymers and gums. This multifunctional adjuvant easily dissolves in aqueous spray formulations with a simple mild agitation, to provide potentially superior wetting, spreading and drift-control performance. In addition, this specialty adjuvant may enable lower spray volumes and application costs.



More About Silwet* DRS-60 Spreader-Wetter

Silwet DRS-60 spreader-wetter is an excellent candidate to consider for use at a concentration range from 0.1% to 1.0% by weight. It is also easily dissolved with mild agitation into diluted tank-mix solutions.

Several tests were conducted on the performance of Silwet DRS-60 spreader-wetter. In the spray drift and spreading tests, it proved to have superior drift control and greater spreading than many other drift-retardant agents, as demonstrated in Figures 1 and 2.

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