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Spreaders and Penetrants



Reliable Spray Performance Optimized for Backpack and High Spray Volume Applications

In backpack applications, growers often rely on high spray volumes to achieve spray coverage. Treatments applied in this way are often inconsistent. Momentive’s high-performance AgroSpred* spreaders and penetrants are tailored to the needs of backpack spray applications. They provide improved performance, high quality and more reliable spray applications. Growers get better pest control, improved crop health and confident performance. By improving spray coverage and increasing penetration, Momentive’s AgroSpred spreaders and penetrants help growers optimize the performance of their backpack and high spray volume applications.

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  • Optimized spreading for backpack and higher spray volume applications
  • Outstanding penetration for herbicides
  • Compatible with vegetable and mineral oils
  • High quality adjuvants that deliver reliable performance
  • Customizable for specific applications

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