SAG* 1572 Antifoam Emulsion

15% actives, high-performance silicone antifoam emulsion with wide use range.


SAG 1572 antifoam emulsion is an excellent candidate to consider for high-performance foam control. It can provide superior initial foam control as well as outstanding durability to prevent undesirable refoaming over extended periods, especially when compared to traditional antifoams.


SAG 1572 Antifoam
SAG* 1572 Marketing Bulletin

More About SAG* 1572 Antifoam Emulsion

With superior long-lasting foam control, SAG 1572 antifoam  typically can be used at lower use levels than most conventional antifoams. Another potential benefit is its ability to evenly disperse in water-based formulations and concentrates, which can help create mixtures that are highly stable in storage. An excellent foam controller across a broad pH range, SAG 1572 antifoam  is an excellent choice to consider for use as a foam control agent in pesticides, during production, in packaging and in spray-tank operations.

A medium-viscosity antifoam , it can be added directly to commercial water-based systems as well as surfactant concentrates without predilution when mixed with slow to moderate agitation.

SAG 1572 antifoam  also may provide high levels of performance in pesticide formulations. In shake tests, SAG 1572 antifoam  demonstrated excellent performance in commercial glyphosate formulations. In addition, SAG 1572 silicone antifoam emulsion demonstrated superior durability, maintaining a superior performance level even after 60 minutes of agitation. By comparison, larger concentrations of certain standard antifoam agents started losing activity after only 15 minutes of agitation.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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