SPUR+* 1050 Prepolymer


SPUR + 1050 prepolymer is an excellent candidate to consider for use in the manufacturing of one-part, moisture-curing sealants and, as a base resin, for medium modulus sealants and adhesives, typically providing the higher tensile strength often required in industrial and transportation applications. With low viscosity and easy application, SPUR + 1050 prepolymer generally adheres well to many surfaces without the aid of a primer.


spur 1050mm
SPUR+* 1050 Marketing Bulletin

More About SPUR+* 1050 Prepolymer

A silylated prepolymer manufactured without the use of plasticizer, SPUR + 1050 prepolymer normally exhibits good water and chemical resistance, as well as high elastic recovery. This hybrid technology can be highly effective because of the combination of the silane-curing mechanism and polyurethane backbone properties. Formulations developed using SPUR + prepolymers typically offer fast room-temperature cure and good durability, while the sealants or adhesives they produce contain no unreacted isocyanate from the silylated prepolymer. Typical benefits of the resulting products also include freedom from bubbling during cure and a broadening of the formulation latitude compared to most conventional polyurethane technologies. The benefits of these prepolymers can enable formulators the freedom to use a wide array of additives and adhesion promoters, based on the performance needs of the end users.  

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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