Silquest* A-Link* 600 Aminosilane


Silquest A-Link 600 silane is an amino silane adhesion promoter with a low tendency to yellow, that can provide sealants, adhesives and coatings with good flexibility and excellent adhesion compared to other aminosilanes. This primary amino silane can improve the adhesion of amino-reactive resins (e.g. two-part urethanes, SPUR technology-based silylated urethanes, and two-part epoxies) to inorganic surfaces, plastic surfaces, RTV silicones and inorganic fillers.

Silquest A-Link 600 silane has the following Key features and Typical benefits:

  • Lower tendency to develop color upon thermal and UV exposure for performance in varied environmental conditions.
  • The potential to formulate construction sealants with higher elongation and lower modulus.
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates for performance across a number of surfaces.

It is an excellent candidate to consider for use in clear, white, light colored sealants, hybrid (silane cure) and polyurethane construction sealants, as well as clearcoats and paints where low color development is desired. In summary, Silquest A-Link 600 aminosilane help enable low yellowing sealant formulations with improved flexibility and excellent adhesion.



silquest a-link 600
Silquest A-Link 600 Marketing Bulletin

More About Silquest* A-Link* 600 Aminosilane

Silquest A-Link 600 primary aminosilane is a versatile adhesion promoter that can provide improved product performance.

This aminosilane has a chemical structure that can reduce the development of color normally associated with common aminosilanes. Additionally, in the use of Silquest A-Link 600 aminosilane in SPUR+* prepolymer based model hybrid sealant formulations can result in cured test specimens with higher elongation and lower modulus than those formulations that use equivalent weight percentages of conventional aminosilanes.

When used as an additive, Silquest A-Link 600 silane may eliminate the need for special primers in numerous bonding applications. Specific systems that have demonstrated improved adhesion when Silquest A-Link 600 silane was used include RTV silicones and hybrid silane-crosslinked systems.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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