SilForm* Fluids


Momentive’s SilForm fluids can help achieve a highly beneficial combination of comfort and long-lasting reliability. From water-in-oil emulsifiers produced without the use of ethylene oxide and with excellent hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance, to highly flexible silicone film formers that can enable long-lasting comfort, SilForm fluids can add silky smoothness to cosmetics and hair care products. SilForm fluids also can provide superior resistance to water, oil and color transfer in the products they enhance.

SilForm fluids help products to form a highly flexible film that mimics the movement of skin for a comfortable, nontightening feel. With their hydrophilic/hydrophobic balance and excellent shear-thinning properties, SilForm products can add aesthetically pleasing textures and silky-soft skin feel. They also help impart water and oil resistance, which can extend the wear of beauty products. Additionally, SilForm fluids can help provide:

  • Transfer resistance
  • Shine and moisturization in color cosmetics formulations
  • Anti-frizz and shine benefits to hair care products
  • Longer retention of fragrance on hair

Our customers have used SilForm products to enhance their creams and lotions, sun care products, antiperspirants, color cosmetic products, anti-aging products, and hair care and styling products.

Explore how the complete SilForm product portfolio can enhance a great number of cosmetics, skin care and hair care formulations.

* SilForm is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.