SilForce* SL6962 Release Coating

Tailored for Film Substrates

Specially formulated for use on film substrates, SilForce SL6962 release coating is a low-viscosity vinyl functional silicone polymer plus an inhibitor. SilForce SL6962 release coating can provide fast cure at generally reduced processing temperatures to produce a release liner with a flat release profile.  These performance features derive from a unique polymer structure and choice of inhibitor.


SilForce* Release Coatings Brochure

More About SilForce* SL6962 Release Coating

SilForce SL6962 release coating has been developed for use on film liner sheets, including low-gauge PET, PE and BOPP.

SilForce SL6962 release coating is typically capable of fast cure performance and may permit processing at reduced temperatures to help minimize film distortion. The product typically displays excellent flowout due to its low viscosity and cures to a high-modulus coating with a flat release profile, thus making SilForce SL6962 release liner generally an excellent candidate to consider for the manufacture of liners for high-speed dispensing conversion operations.

SilForce SL6962 release coating typically cures to a high-modulus coating because of its high vinyl content. During oven processing, the inhibitor is efficiently blown out of the coating, generally permitting rapid cure to take place at reduced oven temperatures, and in conditions that may limit deformation and damage of thin-gauge film substrates.

SilForce SL6962 release coating can be crosslinked with SilForce SL4410 or SilForce SL4380 release coating for fastest cure speed. AnchorSil* 2000 or AnchorSil 3000 anchorage additives are recommended for use with SilForce SL6962 release coating on films to ensure adequate anchorage of cured coatings to substrates such as PET.

Potential applications for SilForce SL6962 release coating include:  

  • Labels dispensed on film substrates
  • Differential release applications with SilForce SL5132 and SL6031 controlled release products

* SilForce and AnchorSil are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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