AnchorSil* 2000 Release Coating


AnchorSil 2000 release coating is a 100% active organo-functional polymer that can improve the adhesion of thermally-cured, solventless silicone release coatings to polyester films. Developed for use with both in-line and off-line adhesive lamination, the product helps promote excellent anchorage for treated and untreated polyester films. AnchorSil 2000 release coating can perform well when formulated with or without a control release additive (CRA).


anchorsil 2000
AnchorSil* 2000 Marketing Bulletin

More About AnchorSil* 2000 Release Coating

AnchorSil 2000 release coating can be used with the standard thermal solventless release coatings from Momentive Performance Materials, e.g., SilForce* SL6161/SL6625/SL7061 release coatings. Additionally, several untreated polyester grades have been successfully tested with the combination of our standard SilForce SL6625/SL6635/SS4300C release coatings plus AnchorSil 2000 release coating system.

This product can promote bonds to PET substrates at web exits of 130° C to160° C, with dwell times in as little as two to four seconds. AnchorSil 2000 release coating is an organo-functional polysiloxane that typically maintains excellent anchorage over time with a wide variety of adhesives, e.g., water-based acrylic PSA. On some substrates and at certain curing conditions, corona treatment may not be necessary.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page. 

* AnchorSil and SilForce are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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