SLAM* 3000 Anti-Mist Additive


SLAM 3000  anti-mist additive is a high-molecular-weight silicone polymer additive that reduces misting during high-speed roll application of solvent-free silicone release coatings. SLAM 3000 anti-mist additive is mixed with release coatings at concentrations tailored for specific machine conditions. Use of the SLAM 3000 anti-mist additive typically has little effect on cure, coverage, bath life or release properties of release coatings.


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SLAM 3000 Marketing Bulletin

More About SLAM* 3000 Anti-Mist Additive

SLAM 3000 anti-mist additive can be formulated with a release coating just prior to use or preblended with partially formulated vinyl silicone polymers that include platinum catalyst and/or inhibitor without shortening shelf life of the preblend. SLAM 3000 anti-mist additive should not be preblended with SiH-containing silicone crosslinkers.

The proper level of SLAM 3000 anti-mist additive for a particular silicone polymer depends on the following variables: 

  • Line speed
  • Coating head characteristics (nip pressure, roll diameter, rubber hardness, surface technology)
  • Substrate properties (porosity and surface topology)
  • Type of polymer used (molecular structure, rheology, homogeneity, cavitation)

The targeted line speed of a silicone coating application affects how much SLAM 3000 anti-mist additive is needed to reduce misting of a given coating formula. Lower levels may reduce or eliminate mist at lower line speeds, but higher levels may be needed to obtain comparable performance at higher line speeds.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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