Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Our customers in the tape and label industry make it their priority to provide products for demanding markets that deliver the most cost effective, predictable and reproducible adhesive and release performance possible. In addition, commercial users and individual consumers alike are acutely aware of how well a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) product releases from its backing and whether it adheres effectively and durably. We at Momentive have a legacy of more than 75 years of helping tape and label manufacturers develop solutions to meet and/or exceed these market expectations through an innovative portfolio of PSAs and release coatings. 

The versatile technologies within this portfolio enable us to provide the desired combination of tack, peel adhesion, shear resistance, clean removal and proper release properties.  The product grades within our portfolio offer a range of cure chemistries, temperature performance, coating options, adhesive properties and release profiles that can perform on a variety of substrates. Product lines include:

SilGrip* silicone and SPUR+* sylilated polyurethane PSAs, which feature:

  • An adhesive with both high tack and high peel adhesion that can promote extended high-temperature lap shear performance.
  • Adhesives that can adhere effectively to low surface-energy films and fabric substrates.
  • Solvent-resistant PSAs that can retain key adhesive properties in the presence of solvents, oils and other fluids.

SilForce* release coatings that can offer customizable release performance to a variety of coatings or substrates, whether it’s a difficult substrate or high speed coating equipment. 

SilForce controlled release polymers that can aid in improved efficiencies for high-release formulations by reducing smoke and foam generation during processing. 

Whether our products are used in thermal transfer tapes, diaper tabs, business-meeting name tags, solvent-resistant labels for analytical laboratories, electrical tapes, electronic masking tapes, or thermal spray masking tapes, tape and label makers know that their collaboration with Momentive can help enable their products to release and adhere as specifically and consistently as required. Our team of release coating and pressure sensitive adhesive experts is available to help with your next opportunity or challenge.

*SilGrip, SPUR+ and SilForce are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

*The marks followed by an asterisk (*) are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.