Optical Bonding Adhesives

Momentive has a heritage of being a pioneer in the development of solutions for silicone optical bonding. With a portfolio of proven materials that are in wide use around the world, such as our complete line of InvisiSil* silicones that offer enhanced and extended optical performance. InvisiSil optical silicones can deliver both optical clarity and the protection required by advanced optical applications, including LED lighting materials. Delivering high optical stability and light transmittance, InvisiSil products can also help contribute to the durability and reliability of devices through their long-term resistance to yellowing or delamination. Additionally, Momentive scientists continue to deliver enhancements in processability, with a broad selection of stable viscosities. Our wide range of off-the-shelf solutions can help deliver design flexibility and long-term reliability to components operating under harsh conditions. Click on the links below to see one of our featured products, or explore all of our optical bonding adhesives. 


*InvisiSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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