SPUR+* 3040 Prepolymer


SPUR+ 3040 prepolymer is an excellent candidate for formulators seeking a binder for high-strength adhesives. When incorporated into an adhesive formulation, SPUR+ 3040 prepolymer can help deliver both high strength and good elongation. It can also help deliver improved thermal stability over standard SPUR+ prepolymers. SPUR+ 3040 prepolymer can promote good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and its low viscosity can help simplify the manufacturing process.


spur 3040
SPUR+* 3040 Marketing Bulletin

More About SPUR+* 3040 Prepolymer

A 100% reactive prepolymer, our SPUR+ 3040 product enables broad formulation latitude because of its low viscosity. In addition to adhesive applications, this prepolymer can also help improve heat resistance in sealant formulations. For example, it can be added to a SPUR+ 1015 prepolymer-based sealant formulation. Testing of sealant formulation incorporating SPUR+ 1015 prepolymer demonstrated better sustained tensile strength, modulus, elongation at break and hardness than a formulation without SPUR+ 3040 prepolymer.

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more, please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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