Silquest* A-Link* 15 Silane


Compared to our earlier secondary amino silane endcappers, Silquest A-Link 15 silane can help deliver greater thermal and UV stability when used as an endcapper or crosslinker for isocyanate functional prepolymer systems. Its low equivalent weight can translate to reduced use levels versus our previous technologies, helping to make it more cost-efficient. Silquest A-Link 15 silane can also be considered as an adhesion promoter in silicone, hybrid, urethane and epoxy adhesives and sealants.



More About Silquest* A-Link* 15 Silane

There are two major functionalities inherent to the chemical architecture of Silquest A-Link 15 silane that can benefit prepolymer or adhesive formulations. Its secondary amino functionality can enable:

  • Controlled reaction with –NCO, -COOH, and epoxy functional materials, resulting in a moisture-cure silane crosslink mechanism
  • Elimination of viscosity instability that may develop when primary amino silanes are used as prepolymer endcappers/crosslinkers
  • Enhanced thermal stability over arylamino silanes as an alkylamino.

Silquest A-Link 15 silane’s trimethoxy silane functionality can help formulators provide:

  • Fast hydrolysis in the presence of formulated or ambient moisture
  • Excellent wet adhesion to glass, metal and other inorganic substrates
  • Excellent thermal-, chemical- and UV-stable bond performance
  • Amine catalyzed crosslinker and adhesion promotion in silane functional systems

With its numerous features, Silquest A-Link 15 can help deliver substantial benefits to a spectrum of endcapper, crosslinker, and adhesion promoter applications. 

For key features, typical benefits and physical properties, potential applications, and more please download the marketing bulletin on this page.

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