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Momentive's CoatOSil additives portfolio provides a broad range of products to address a large range of performance needs in the coatings industry. CoatOSil additives can improve coating processability and help enhance surface appearance. Momentive tailors the structure of each CoatOSil additive molecule and produces a variety of grades with differing utility in water- or solvent-borne coating application, whether the most critical properties are related to foam control, anti-blocking, wetting, slip or flow and leveling.

The silicone portion of a CoatOSil additive molecule can be engineered to promote such properties as low surface tension and slip. Polyethylene oxide content generally provides  water compatibility, while polypropylene oxide content leads to compatibility with solvent-borne and high solids coatings and inks systems. These elements are combined to create a series of silicone surfactants designed to enhance a range of coating properties.

CoatOSil additives are excellent candidates to consider for use in coatings for wood, plastic, glass and oily metal, either by spray or by high-speed roll applications. They can provide shelf-stable, nonyellowing performance and improved scrub resistance in acrylic latex paints and improved gloss and clarity (DOI) of topcoats.

Effective super-wetting properties make certain CoatOSil additive grades outstanding candidates to consider for coating and ink formulations and packaging overprint varnishes. As a silane-based pretreatment, they can help foster extended long-term performance of painted metals via improved anti-corrosive properties to galvanized steel and aluminum alloys. And because certain CoatOSil additives are reactive 100% slip agents, these grades can help drive improved abrasion resistance in UV-cured acrylated resins. Eliminating unmodified silicone oil for friction reduction can aid delivering advanced anti-marring results for wood coatings and packaging overprint varnishes.

As crucial additives with so many applications, CoatOSil additives comprise one of Momentive's most versatile product portfolios. Explore the CoatOSil additives family of products.

* CoatOSil is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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CoatOSil * 1211C Coatings Additive

Learn more about CoatOSil* 1211 coatings additive, which helps enable wetting of waterborne systems on standard and hard-to-wet substrates.

CoatOSil* 1770 Silane

Learn more about CoatOSil* 1770 coatings additive, which helps enable wetting of waterborne systems on standard and hard-to-wet substrates.

CoatOSil* 2287 Silane

CoatOSil 2287 silane enables the formulation of coatings with improved wet adhesion and resistance to water and organic solvents. Learn more today.

CoatOSil* 2816, 2817, 2818 and 2819 Coating Additives

Learn more about Momentive's coating additives by CoatOSil, great for a wide variety of coatings, including auto refinishing and leather goods.

CoatOSil* 3505 Coatings Additive

CoatOSil* 3505 coatings additive is a defoamer that can be considered for both water- and solvent- borne systems. Learn more.

CoatOSil* 3573 Coatings Additive

CoatOSil 3573 coatings additive offers a number of benefits to water-borne and solvent-borne coatings and inks. Learn more.

CoatOSil* 7001 Copolymer

CoatOSil* 7001 copolymer improves the clarity of final film and film coalescence, as well as flow and leveling characteristics. Learn more today.

CoatOSil* 7001E Copolymer

CoatOSil 7001E copolymer can enhance the appearance of solvent-borne coatings. Currently available in Europe. Learn more today.

CoatOSil* 7500 Copolymer

CoatOSil 7500 copolymer is a silicone-polyether block copolymer that can help provide excellent leveling in coil coating applications. Learn more.

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