CoatOSil* 3505 Coatings Additive


Comprised of a silicone backbone and an all polypropylene oxide (PO) polyether chain, CoatOSil 3505 coatings additive is an excellent candidate for coating formulations that require an array of benefits. Its silicone portion can provide enhancements that include: defoaming, slip; mar resistance; plus, flow and leveling. The degree of property enhancement will be directly related to the interaction of all components of the formulation and the additive use-level. 



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CoatOSil Additives for High Performance Coatings and Inks

More About CoatOSil* 3505 Coatings Additive

CoatOSil 3505 coatings additive is excellent to consider as a defoamer in both water- and solvent-borne systems. In water-borne paints and inks, CoatOSil 3505 coatings additive can also help provide good slip properties.

In solvent-borne coating systems, CoatOSil 3505 coatings additive generally acts as a good flow, leveling, and air release agent. CoatOSil 3505 coatings additive has shown good slip, gloss retention and mar resistance in various solvent-borne formulations.

CoatOSil 3505 coatings additive can also be considered in UV and EB cure systems. In these systems, it can help to reduce the coefficient of friction (COF) as well as provide mar resistance and good slip.

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