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SilCool* TIA350R Adhesive

Fast Cure, High Thermal Conductivity

Momentive's SilCool TIA350R adhesive typically displays fast cure and high thermal conductivity characteristics. It can be an excellent candidate to consider when manufacturers require managing heat in applications such as die attaches and heat sink bonding. 


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Thermal Management Silicones for Electronics Brochure

More About SilCool* TIA350R Adhesive

SilCool TIA350R adhesive, a one-part thermal conductivity adhesive, offers excellent thermal conductivity of 3.5 W/mK - and is able to remain an outstanding electrical insulator, even under humid conditions. As a one-step formulation, SilCool TIA350R adhesive can potentially increase productivity. It is normally noncorrosive with excellent adhesion capabilities to a range of substrates. These properties make it a useful component that may be used successfully in many applications to remove heat from heat-generating components, including applications in automotive alternators.

Potential applications for SilCool TIA350R adhesive include: 

  • Electrical insulation
  • Automotive alternators

* SilCool is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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