Silsoft* EAU Microgel

Add a Distinct Lightweight, Water-Fresh Feel Even to Formulations with High Oil Content


As a formulator, you face challenges to create exciting and high performing personal care products that drive consumer demand. Momentive’s easy-to-use, multitasking ingredients can help you meet these ever-growing consumer expectations for innovative skin care and sun care products. 

Silsoft EAU microgel can help deliver a wide range of textural effects and a refreshing, light, water-like feel to body lotions, creams and butters, foundations, moisturizers, serums and sunscreens. Silsoft EAU microgel can enhance the look and feel of your formulations for an all-around “wow” user experience! 


Silsoft EAU Microgel.
Silsoft EAU Microgel Marketing Bulletin

More About Silsoft* EAU Microgel

Silsoft EAU Microgel Can Help Boost the Performance and Sensory Enhancing Qualities of Your Formulations Via:

  • Texture flexibility: for textures that range from milky fluids to bouncy powders
  • Quick-break action: for a water-fresh sensation upon application
  • Enhanced spreadability and skin feel: for better feel and easier application of organic sunscreens 
  • Exceptional oil-in-water and low viscosity emulsifying properties 

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