Code of Conduct for Supplier and Other Third Parties


Code of Conduct for

Suppliers & Other Third Parties


Momentive values its reputation for integrity. We strive at all levels of the company to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our business and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.  We are judged not only by the business results we achieve but also by how we achieve them. We believe that organizations that operate ethically and with integrity build value over time and have the best chance for long-term success.


The Codes of Conduct apply to all suppliers and other third parties that do business with Momentive and/or any of its subsidiaries anywhere in the world.  They include guidance on topics including gifts and entertainment, human rights, and the responsible sourcing of minerals. Links to the Codes of Conduct for Suppliers & other Third Parties, and the Policy Statements on the Responsible Sourcing of Materials are provided below.



 Momentive Performance Materials Inc 

 Code of Conduct for Suppliers

  & Other Third Parties


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Policy Statement on the Responsible Sourcing of Materials

Momentive Performance Materials Inc. Policy Statement on the Responsible Sourcing of Materials


Momentive Conflict Mineral FAQs for Suppliers

Conflict Minerals FAQs for Suppliers

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