Niax* L-5690 Silicone Copolymer


A co-surfactant for froth systems, Niax L-5690 copolymer was developed for use in combination with standard mechanical froth surfactants, like Niax silicone L-5614 or Niax silicone L-5617, to help further reduce density and enhance stability of foams for the medical industry, textiles and nonwovens, gaskets, electronics and consumer goods. 


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More About Niax* L-5690 Silicone Copolymer

Niax L-5690 copolymer may offer significant improvement in the production of low-density foams that are applied to a textile substrate and thermally cured. It can also help to reduce bubble coalescence in oven-cure conditions. 

Niax L-5690 copolymer is typically compatible with other standard surfactants in high-shear mechanical mixers that incorporate dispersed air into a urethane system before it is applied to a substrate. It is an excellent choice to consider for creating lightweight, supple foams with a fine microporous cell structure like those extensively used to manufacture carpet backing, head and door liners in cars, gaskets, leather substitutes and two-faced tapes. 

Niax L-5690 copolymer can also help regulate cell size and may aid in stabilization of the mechanically frothed formulation. An excellent choice to consider for the development of foams used in medical devices, Niax L-5690 copolymer may reduce instances of shear-induced cell collapse when, for example, it is subjected to a scalpel blade. For industries where VOC emissions are being more strictly observed, like the medical and automotive industries, Niax L-5690 copolymer may help in lowering VOCs in medical foams and vehicle seating systems. 

Potential applications for Niax L-5690 copolymer include:

  • Carpet backing
  • Leather alternatives and specialized fabrics for upholstery
  • Automotive seating systems
  • Automotive head and door liners
  • Tapes
  • Gaskets and seals

*Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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