Niax* Color Stabilizer CS-22LF


Niax color stabilizer CS-22 is an additive to consider for use in flexible urethane foam formulations to help prevent foam discoloration and improve color stability. It also can be considered for use in foam systems for flame-bonding ether applications. This additive is a reactive additive that chemically reacts into the foam polymer matrix. It can be added via a separate stream addition or premixed into the polyol stream. However, it should not be added through the water activator stream, since the material could hydrolyze.


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More About Niax* Color Stabilizer CS-22LF

Niax color stabilizer CS-22 is an additive that may be an excellent candidate to produce polyurethane foam for use in the flame lamination process. 


* Niax is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

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