Niax* Additive AP-01


Niax additive AP-01 is an excellent additive for use with rigid polyurethane foams formulations. This versatile additive can help improve adhesion to substrates of foams produced by continuous, discontinuous or spray technology - generally eliminating the need for low-functionality, high-molecular-weight polyols that can worsen foam's dimensional stability.


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More About Niax* Additive AP-01

By promoting polymerization of the foam surface, Niax additive AP-01 helps reduce the friability often found in high-index and/or high-water content formulations. Niax additive AP-01 also helps enable adequate foam adhesion while using lower-temperature molds or laminators or applying spray foam in a low-temperature climate. 

In PUR foams based on standard polyether polyols and formulated up to 100% water blown, Niax additive AP-01 can improve adhesion - replacing low-functionality, high-molecular-weight polyols that can cause dimensional instability in foam. 

Potential applications for Niax additive AP-01 include: 

  • Rigid polyurethane foam formulations for spray or panels applied at low temperature
  • Formulations with reduced amount of physical blowing agent and increased water level
  • PIR formulations

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